Police probe sexual harassment allegations against high-ranking govt official

21 Nov 2023 04:19pm
Pix for illustration purpose only.
Pix for illustration purpose only.

KUALA LUMPUR - Police have launched an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment involving a high-ranking government official.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Razarudin Husain confirmed that the case was being handled by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Federal Police Headquarters.

"The police will be summoning both the high-ranking official and the complainant for statements soon.

"The case is being investigated under Section 507A of the Penal Code, Section 509 of the Penal Code, Section 292 of the Penal Code and Section 14 of the Minor Offenses Act 1955," he told Sinar, today.

Earlier today, a police report lodged by a woman in her 30s went viral, alleging that the official had been harassing her on WhatsApp since last year.

According to the report, the woman claimed that the official had sent her explicit content and engaged in inappropriate conversations.

In the report, the victim said she met him to introduce some investment opportunities but was instead verbally sexually harassed.

"He asked me all kinds of lewd questions and that he could give me anything I wanted, even if I wanted to eat an 'elephant's head'.

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"After the incident, I concluded that he was not interested in my proposal, but he continued to harass me and invited me to a hotel in Bukit Jalil twice on Nov 23, 2022," she said in her report.

She claimed that the man contacted her again on Dec 31, 2022 to wish her happy new year and invited her to meet him at a hotel and karaoke to discuss her investment proposal.

"I did not entertain him and since Aug 31, this year, he has been constantly asking me to spend the night with him, offering me money and other perks.

"I warned him not to WhatsApp me and disturb me anymore and was not interested," she said.

She claimed that the man, however, continued to harass her and even sent her some lewd pictures of himself.

"I was really traumatised and went into a depression. I did not feel safe to go out and meet any more potential high-profile clients for fear of something similar recurring," she said in her report.

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