'It's okay, I might die soon...'

29 Nov 2023 04:27pm
Azlina (left) with Ahmad Afiq Aiman ​​(right) showing a picture of Mohamad Riskie Asraf - FILE PIX
Azlina (left) with Ahmad Afiq Aiman ​​(right) showing a picture of Mohamad Riskie Asraf - FILE PIX

KOTA BHARU - A mother did not expect the words that her son often spoke to come true when Mohamad Riskie Asraf Mohd Reduan 9, was found drowned in a water reservoir in Kampung Derdap, Pasir Tumboh here on Tuesday.

The child's mother, Azlina Ahmad Azmi, 43, said that the sixth child out of eight siblings had often told her that he was going to die last month and had become more withdrawn and quiet.

In fact, the deceased also apologised to his grandmother, Hasnah Sulong, 75, last Monday.

"Usually I go to my mother-in-law's house in Gong Dermin on weekends but this time he went alone with her sister.

"He apologised, greeted and kissed his grandmother and told her that it was the last time he will visit his grandmother's house.

"He is a cheerful child but lately he doesn't talk much and often says, 'I might die soon' she said when met at their home in Pasir Tumboh here on Tuesday.

Recounting the tragedy, the restaurant assistant said that she was informed that her son has drowned in a water reservoir 100 metres from their house.

She said that the place where the victim was found drowned was usually dry and only filled with water since the North East Monsoon (MTL) rains this week.

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"I accept his passing as fate, he has been safely buried at the Kampung Derdap Islamic Cemetery here this morning at 10am (Wednesday)," she said.

In the meantime, the victim's cousin Ahmad Afiq Aiman ​​Ahmad Azmi said he saw the victim jump before drowing.

"I only saw his hand and ran to the restaurant to ask the residents for help.

"They helped to save him but failed," he said.

Meanwhile, Kota Bharu District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Abdul Rahim Daud said the fire brigade found the victim's body four meters away from the bank of the water reservoir estimated to be 1.7 meters deep.

"Physical examination did not find any injuries on the victim's body.

"His body was taken to the Forensic Unit, Universiti Sains Malaysia Hospital, Kubang Kerian for the purpose of an autopsy," he said.