A glimpse into the power players at COP28

01 Dec 2023 08:34pm
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SHAH ALAM - The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) stands as a critical global platform for environmental solutions.

This crucial meeting brings together influential leaders and environmentalists, pivotal in shaping our planet’s future.

They unite to chart a course towards sustainability, with their roles at COP28 offering potentially transformative impacts on global environmental resilience.

Here’s a look at the key personalities shaping COP28, influencing crucial discussions and decisions for our global environmental path and collective future:

Ajay Banga

Role: UN Climate Envoy

Background: Mastercard Former CEO

Responsibilities: Advocating for global climate action and promoting initiatives to combat climate change.

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Joe Biden

Role: President of the United States

Climate Commitments: Prioritising climate change as a core focus of his administration, rejoining the Paris Agreement, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050, and leading the US in substantial reductions of greenhouse gas emissions.

Sultan Al Jaber

Role: COP28 President

Responsibilities: Leading COP28 proceedings, guiding discussions, facilitating negotiations, and seeking consensus among participating nations. Al Jaber is also the head of the UAE’s national oil company, Adnoc.

António Guterres

Role: United Nations Secretary-General

Responsibilities: Advocating for global climate action and urging world leaders to prioritise climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts.

Simon Stiell

Role: Grenada’s Climate Resilience Minister

Responsibilities: Representing Grenada at COP28 and contributing insights on climate adaptation and resilience building, especially for vulnerable regions.

John Kerry

Role: US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

Responsibilities: Representing the US on climate issues globally, working to enhance international cooperation, and advancing climate policies.

King Charles III

Hypothetical Role: Prince Charles' potential future ascension to the throne as King Charles III

Background: Prince Charles has been an active advocate for environmental conservation and has used his position to champion sustainability and conservation efforts.

These leaders and advocates are crucial at COP28, directing global climate policies, enhancing international cooperation, and implementing strategies for a sustainable future.

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