Oxford’s ‘Whole School Approach’ Preps Students to be Future Ready

05 Dec 2023 12:59pm
Educators at the session.
Educators at the session.

IN a world undergoing rapid change and increasing global connectivity, the education sector is evolving at a pace never seen before.

The focus is shifting from mere knowledge acquisition to equipping students with resilience and adaptability skills essential for navigating future job markets.

The Ministry of Education in Malaysia recognises the importance of preparing students for the challenges of the future. Puan Aniza Binti Kamarulzaman, Director of Private Education Division, Ministry of Education shared, “Our aspirations align with creating an education environment that fosters not only academic excellence but also the development of well-rounded individuals ready to contribute to a global society. Emphasising resilience and future-readiness, the ministry aims to nurture students who can face uncertainties with confidence and thrive in the future workforce.”

Puan Aniza addressing the participants.
Puan Aniza addressing the participants.

In response, Oxford University Press, a department of Oxford University, has introduced a comprehensive 'whole-school approach' for students aged 2 to 19.

This approach includes the Oxford International Curriculum and OxfordAQA International Qualifications.

Initially launched globally in 2021, the Oxford International Curriculum is now accessible in numerous Malaysian schools and over 100 educational institutions worldwide.

The curriculum integrates well-being into all teaching and learning processes and focuses on global skills and attitudes across core subjects like English, Science, Maths, Computing, Global Skills, and Wellbeing, from early years to lower secondary.

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It prepares learners for OxfordAQA’s international GCSEs, AS, and A-levels with a progressive year-on-year structure.

The curriculum is based on Oxford's research, which found positive impacts of integrating wellbeing practices into teaching and learning.

This approach enhances students' mental health and benefits teachers, promoting a healthier environment in and out of the classroom.

OxfordAQA's International GCSEs and AS and A-Levels, aligned with UK standards, are tailored to meet international students' needs and focus on building future-oriented skills.

These exams stress subject-specific skills over cultural knowledge and English language proficiency, adhering to OxfordAQA's Fair Assessment principles of internationally relevant content.

At a recent event titled, "Empowering today’s learners for tomorrow’s challenges," OxfordAQA Managing Director Andrew Coombe expressed his enthusiasm for the Oxford International Curriculum.

He highlighted its coherence, continuity, and consistency, ensuring students are well-prepared for OxfordAQA International exams.

Andrew said that OxfordAQA has played a key role in shaping students’ academic paths, noting that leading international universities recognise its qualifications.

Andrew Coombe presenting a token of appreciation to Puan Aniza Kamarulzaman.
Andrew Coombe presenting a token of appreciation to Puan Aniza Kamarulzaman.

The event also celebrated the OxfordAQA Student Achievement Awards 2023, honoring top-performing students in International GCSE, AS, and A-level exams across various subjects.

Top performers from Malaysia in South East Asia were announced, with students from Straits International School, Nexus International School Malaysia, and Cempaka International School receiving accolades in subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Combined Science, and Business.

Among the top performers include:

International GCSE

Keith Loh Yenn Hau (Chemistry) - Straits International School

Jac Loh Yenn Hau (Physics) - Nexus International School Malaysia

Tetsuto Masunaga (Combined Science Ext) - Nexus International School Malaysia

Elisa Joan Danker (Business) - Cempaka International School

International AS

Xin Yee Teh (Business AS) - Help International School

For more information on this holistic educational approach, visit www.oup.com/leadwithoxford.