Isham Jalil encouraged to continue political struggle - Tun Faisal

08 Dec 2023 01:30pm
Isham Jalil - Photo by ROSLI TALIB
Isham Jalil - Photo by ROSLI TALIB

SHAH ALAM - Former Umno Supreme Council member Isham Jalil has been advised to continue his political struggle despite his recent expulsion from the party.

Former Putrajaya Umno division deputy chief Datuk Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz believed that Isham could use alternative platforms to voice his opinions.

He stressed that Isham's dismissal should not be seen as an end to his political journey.

"I believe he (Isham) should maintain the spirit of his struggle because he is aware that as long as Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi leads Umno, we do not see the party changing into the Umno desired by voters.

He should continue to offer constructive criticism to raise awareness that the party's current direction is not right," Tun Faisal told Sinar.

Tun Faisal added that whether Isham chose to join another political party or take a temporary break from politics was up to him.

Tun Faisal, who was also previously expelled from Umno, suggested that Isham could join another party if he felt the need to do so.

"There's no point in him appealing to Umno to rejoin because from what I see, if he appeals and rejoins (Umno), it won't change the situation.

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"On the contrary, it will tarnish Isham's image," he said.

Umno accused of arrogance and neglecting Malay concerns

Meanwhile, in a statement, former Umno secretary-general Tan Sri Annuar Musa claimed that Umno, under its current president's leadership, continued to maintain an arrogant attitude.

He added that this has caused the party to lose touch with Malays and Muslims' instincts and political sentiments.

Annuar also alleged that Zahid only catered to loyal supporters and punished those who criticised him.

"In my opinion, let Zahid and his agenda be, and it's up to the members to determine their future.

"With the expulsion of their Supreme Council member Isham, we can depict the shape of this Zahid-era Umno," Annuar said.

He added that Umno continued to ignore signals from Malays and Muslims and was focusing instead on promoting narratives aligned with the DAP.

Annuar believed that Perikatan Nasional has taken over the role of Barisan Nasional and Pas has taken over Umno's place in the people's hearts.