War Children Care Foundation launches global initiative to help children of war

13 Dec 2023 09:21pm
Linda Wong (left) receiving RM1,217,000 mock cheque during the launch of WCCF at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur.
Linda Wong (left) receiving RM1,217,000 mock cheque during the launch of WCCF at Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur.

SHAH ALAM - The War Children Care Foundation (WCCF) which is dedicated to establishing the 'International Humanitarian War Children Schools' in Malaysia and China was launched today.

Its president Linda Wong said these schools will welcome the children of war from diverse backgrounds, races, religions and cultures.

"Under the compassionate guidance of the Yi Hai Education Group, we will craft a unique 'Caring Education' curriculum, providing these children with a nurturing learning environment and adaptive education to heal the wounds of physical, mental and spiritual trauma inflicted by war," she said in her speech at Shangri-La, here, today.

She said through the 'Caring Education' curriculum, the goal was to support children of war by gradually dispelling the psychological shadows that loomed over them, releasing resentment, restoring confidence and reigniting optimism.

The curriculum, she said also focused on instilling core values, social responsibility, humanitarian spirit as well as a profound sense of patriotism in the children.

"We aim to showcase the incredible strength and courage of war children as they reintegrate into society, becoming compassionate individuals who contribute to rebuilding their homes and caring for others in need.

"As they grow older, we envision them contributing to the reconstruction of their communities, emerging as loving individuals who extend care to others in need," she added.

Wong said that currently there were tens of thousands of children across the globe who still had to endure the hardships of war adding that these children needed not only care, love and support, but also urgent action.

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She called on more compassionate business organisations and individuals to join hands with WCCF.

Meanwhile, Quantum March Group vice-chairman Datuk Aric Ng said the children of war would not be treated as refugees.

Instead, he said they would be given care in every aspect.

"We understand that Malaysians will not be accepting refugees, but we adopt them and place them in our special hope centre for the war children, or some of them will be adopted by some of the contributors.

"We will provide them with education and place them in the International Humanitarian School where we have this special curriculum, special course to lift their spirits.

"We will also work closely with the Women, Community and Development Ministry to carefully plan the detailed steps needed for its success," Ng said.

The foundation also unveiled a business charity campaign called 'Healing the World Thru Business' in which donations to the foundation through the Green Smart Planet Platform's ongoing business revenue have been initiated.

A mock cheque for RM1,217,000 was presented to kickstart the campaign.

The foundation also initiated a 'Saving War Children with Your Cup of Coffee' where attendees voluntarily participated by adopting cups of coffee from the Clement Coffee Boutique.

The foundation also appointed representatives for various chapters in Malaysia, China, Thailand, Serbia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, Laos, Hong Kong and Taipei.

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