Pas wishes Christians Merry Christmas

24 Dec 2023 03:19pm

SHAH ALAM - Pas wishes Merry Christmas to Christians who will celebrate the festivities tomorrow.

Its Secretary-General Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said he hoped that the celebration would run smoothly in a safe and harmonious atmosphere, thereby opening the door to better and meaningful days ahead.

"The variety of festivities and celebration, whether based on religion or culture, happening harmoniously and cheerfully among various groups is a manifestation of the superiority of gentleness, tolerance and mutual respect between us that have been firmly established for a long time.

"It not only needs to be defended from tendencies that can weaken the superiority of that attitude.

"In fact, it needs to continue to be nurtured in the awareness that the diversity that exists is a precious treasure of Malaysian society to add value to the quality of our lives together," he said in a post on Facebook on Sunday.

Christmas Day is celebrated on Dec 25 every year by Christians.

Takiyuddin added as an Islamic party, Pas was open to celebrating diversity as a fundamental Islamic teaching and characteristic to define society.

"Pas always celebrates and is open to diversity, not only as a special characteristic of society, but also as the core of Islamic teachings itself which accepts everyone.

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"This includes from various races, racial groups, cultures and religions legally and honourably," he said.

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