Viral: New official vehicles believed to be for Terengganu MB, exco members' use

26 Dec 2023 03:01pm
A picture of Mazda model SUV that went viral. The vehicles were alleged to be for the Terengganu exco members' use.
A picture of Mazda model SUV that went viral. The vehicles were alleged to be for the Terengganu exco members' use.

KUALA TERENGGANU - The Terengganu government has been urged to explain the recent purchase of new official vehicles, which has been circulating on social media and believed to be intended for the use of the Menteri Besar and state exco members.

Former state Umno information chief Wan Abdul Hakim Wan Mokhtar said the government should issue a statement addressing the alleged purchase of the Mazda sports utility vehicle (SUV) to confirm whether it was an urgent and high-priority need at the moment.

"There are pictures of Mazda model SUV cars, either CX5 or CX8, I cannot confirm but it is claimed to be the new vehicle for exco members.

"The price of the CX5 model starts from RM138,000 to RM174,000. The price of a CX8 is from RM185,000 to RM200,000 and it is cheaper if it gets a tax exemption from the Finance Ministry," he said in a statement, today.

Wan Abdul Hakim said the purchase of the new vehicles would not be an issue if it was included in Budget 2023.

In fact, he said it was cheaper when compared to a Mercedes brand car worth RM3.5 million for the use of the Kelantan government exco in 2020.

"If the government made the purchase through the Terengganu Inc funds or its subsidiaries and approved by the board of directors, there is no problem in terms of procedures and regulations.

"The issue arises when the payment of petroleum revenue funds, which is relatively limited from the central government (supposedly RM1.6 billion for 2023), occurs. Will the purchase still be the government's top priority?

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"What about the other payments that need to be settled by the state government as stated in Budget 2023? Which is more important? The people or exco members?," he said.

He also questioned whether there were contractors and suppliers who have yet to receive payments from the state government.

"They also need to clarify whether it is true that next year the assessment rate will commence collection due to the pressure of the government's decreasing revenue.

"Is it true that various land-related charges are also being raised to help increase the state's dwindling income?," he said.

The Umno Kemaman division committee also claimed that the situation happened because there was no opposition to act as a check and balance in the state government.

"Isn't this the time of the 'Terengganu wish' government when they receive the full premium payment from NGOs (non-governmental organisations) of the representatives' wives for the purchase of land worth RM29 million, rather than just a special discount of RM500,000?

"With a full premium in the millions, they could buy new cars for the exco members without negatively impacting the already diminishing financial resources.

"Perhaps this is the result when a state government has no opposition, no check and balance," he said.