Will Tun M be next in line after Tun Daim?

29 Dec 2023 10:08am
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad - FILE PIX
Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - Senior Political Secretary to the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin has urged authorities to investigate former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad regarding his assets and how they were acquired.

He believed that individuals holding the influential title of 'Tun' should not be exempted from investigation by the authorities.

"If he wants all 'Tuns' to be investigated, we can initiate an investigation into him and his children first.

"We need to re-examine cases of misappropriation and losses involving Perwaja Steel, the Bakun Hydroelectric Project, MISC Berhad, PKFZ (Port Klang Free Zone scandal), Maminco, and cases involving his children.

"The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) needs to start an investigation into those carrying the title of 'Tun,'" he said in a post on X recently.

Shamsul Iskandar stated that individuals with honorary titles were not above the law.

"No one can override the law. 'Tun,' talk openly in the daytime.

"Speak in hushed tones at night. I believe Tun is brave enough to be investigated," he said.

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Sinar previously reported that Dr Mahathir, known for his sarcastic statements, had criticised the authorities, urging the government to remand all those holding the title of 'Tun,' including himself if they do not disclose the sources of their wealth.

His statement came after the MACC launched an investigation into former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, a close ally of Dr Mahathir, regarding money laundering and corruption allegations.

"I fully agree that Tun should be investigated.

"If they cannot explain where or how they obtained that money, their assets should be seized.

"There is no need to obtain documentary evidence of their misconduct.

"Suspicion alone is sufficient. Tun not only needs to be investigated but also detained until they disclose the source of their money.

"If they do not do so, it is because they want to hide it," said Dr Mahathir.

Last week, the MACC seized Ilham Tower, a high-value commercial building allegedly owned by Daim and his family in Kuala Lumpur.

Following this, Umno Supreme Council Member Datuk Mohd Puad Zarkashi also urged the MACC to investigate Dr Mahathir regarding corruption and money laundering issues.

The title of 'Tun' is the highest honour in Malaysia, bestowed only by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, equivalent to the title of 'Lord' in the United Kingdom.

Most recipients of this award are distinguished leaders who have contributed significantly to the country, such as former Prime Ministers.


Meanwhile, lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla urged the authorities to adhere to the principle of the rule of law, meaning investigating a case when a complaint is filed according to the Criminal Procedure Code.

He stressed that if authorities act to investigate a matter based solely on an individual's statement, it would give the impression that the government is abusing its power.

"Before initiating any investigation, we need to go back to the principle of the rule of law, namely complaints.

"If a complaint is made, only then can we see whether the report should be investigated or not.

"If a relevant complaint was made years ago and investigated but no evidence leading to further investigation was found, it is not appropriate to reopen the case," he told Sinar.

Haniff described anyone who arbitrarily calls for authorities to investigate the former Prime Minister as lacking a good understanding of the rule of law.

He clarified that even if an individual or statesman makes statements with sarcastic undertones, as Dr Mahathir did, it does not mean an investigation could be immediately carried out.

"If suddenly the police or MACC announce an investigation into Tun M, the people will assume that it is based on the statements of that individual.

"However, from the perspective of the rule of law, that should not be the basis for an investigation. If that happens, the people will perceive that the government is abusing its power," he said.

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