Use Padu system without worries, Fahmi says

02 Jan 2024 06:24pm
Fahmi. Photo by Bernama
Fahmi. Photo by Bernama

PUTRAJAYA - The Central Database Hub (Padu) system has been developed with priority given to the aspect of cybersecurity and, as such, Malaysians can use it without having to worry about the security of their personal data, said Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil.

The Unity Government spokesperson said that the involvement of crucial entities such as the National Cyber Security Agency (Nacsa), CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Department of Personal Data Protection (JPDP) in the development of the system proved that the cybersecurity aspect was prioritised.

"JPDP is highly proactive in ensuring that data is stored in an orderly manner and in compliance with the law. Their work processes are meticulously organised.

"I believe that Malaysians can use the Padu system without any worries, doubts and concerns regarding the security of their personal data,” he told reporters after the system’s launching ceremony officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim here today.

Fahmi said Padu, as a game changer, would instigate a cultural shift and facilitate the government in formulating appropriate policies and carrying out efforts, especially in aiding the people.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Padu would assist the government in cost-cutting measures and ensure that subsidies are directed to the rightful beneficiaries.

"Our previous subsidy (allocation) missed its target, and must be steered back on track to ensure only those eligible will receive it,” he said.

Zahid, who is also Rural and Regional Development Minister, said that Padu should be implemented as soon as possible to generate savings, which could be allocated towards various development programmes.

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Meanwhile, Digital Minister Gobind Singh Deo hailed the launch of Padu as a historic milestone for the country, paving the way towards digital transformation.

"It is important to get everybody’s cooperation to update their information in the system. As far as my ministry is concerned, we give full support to this initiative taken by the Economy Ministry,” he said.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke said all elected representatives are now responsible to ensure that the people in their constituencies update their information on the Padu system.

"Padu offers a significant advantage as having a database enables more efficient aid distribution.

"This requires efforts from the front line, especially members of Parliament and assemblymen, in facilitating the public to update their information in the system,” he said. - BERNAMA