Rosyam Nor says prostitution necessary for foreigners to satisfy sexual urge

08 Jan 2024 07:37pm
 Datuk Rosyam Nor - BERNAMA FILE PIX
Datuk Rosyam Nor - BERNAMA FILE PIX

KUALA LUMPUR - Actor, producer and businessman Datuk Rosyam Nor describes brothels as a necessity in Malaysia to prevent rape involving foreign workers.

He said this in the ‘Hitam Putih Kehidupan’ podcast posted on Suhan Channel’s TikTok account, yesterday.

“Brothels are a necessity. Right now there are approximately three million migrant workers in the country. Their wives are left behind (in their respective countries).

“They are men, if they don’t... (engage in intimate relations with their partner), where can they satisfy their lust?,” he said.

The veteran actor also highlighted his concern about the possibility of foreign workers targeting innocent women in the country which could also be someone’s wife or children and doing something bad to them like raping them.

He said it might reach that point as it was a thing that was playing in their minds.

“They sit here and when there’s no work, they watch the same thing. They watch porn too.

“So, if there is a brothel, at last they can pay (to satisfy their urge),” he said.

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He went on to say that this was only his personal opinion.

“Think for yourselves, I might be wrong or I might be right,” he added.

His statement garnered various reactions in the comment section with some agreeing with his perspective while a others opposed it, describing him as someone who has ‘lost his way’.

A TikTok user wrote: “Sorry Dato, I disagree, this is like the saying ‘digging a hole to fill another hole’, to create a problem that will create another problem.”

Another TikTok user said “it was a liberal opinion”, while another said “no matter what, prostitution is a bad idea.”

A social media user also wrote: “The end never justifies the means, we need to look for a better solution.”

However, some agreed with Rosyam’s perspective saying that it was a good proposal.

A social media user commented: "Yup, he's right, developed countries like Japan have studied it.”

Another wrote: "It is the reality and truth."

Others commented: “The right mind must be mature like Rosyam Nor” and "yes, that's right, I agree, it's undeniable.”