Ahmad Idham left divided, Freddie Fernandez disagrees on Rosyam Nor’s brothel proposal

10 Jan 2024 06:06pm
Ahmad Idham (left) and Freddie Fernandez.
Ahmad Idham (left) and Freddie Fernandez.

SHAH ALAM - Following a viral video of Datuk Rosyam Nor's “proposal” of encouraging prostitution dens in the country in order to reduce rape crimes and sexual harrassment cases involving foreign workers, fellow industry players share their input on the statement given.

Actor and director Dr Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri who personally knows Rosyam noted that the way Rosyam communicates or expresses himself, often blurs the line between seriousness and humour, leaving listeners uncertain about the intended tone or sincerity of his statements.

“The statement, made on a podcast, leaves me divided on the issue. If it was intended as a joke, I find the subject too sensitive for humour.

“However, if Rosyam is serious, I disagree with his suggestion, considering the context of our country, Malaysia, where the majority are Malay and Muslim.

“We are also highly regarded by other Islamic countries. Perhaps we should look at it from a different perspective, seeking solutions that align with religion and culture,” he said.

Idham also mentioned that regardless of the truth or logical justification behind Rosyam's statements, discussions on topics like this are inappropriate in a country predominantly composed of Malays and Muslims, where brothels are already considered prohibited.

“Moreover, I don't see how the existence of brothels would solve the current issues that need to be addressed.

“For instance, they (foreigners) would need to pay for those services, and their ability to pay is also a question. Many issues make it irrelevant to consider this as the best solution to the problem,” he explained in an interview with Sinar Daily.

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Subsequently, Music Malaysia chairman Datuk Freddie Fernandez, said that after he watched the podcast, he felt that it might be Rosyam’s candid personal view.

“However, personally, I somewhat disagree with this view because it involves moral, legal, and religious law issues.

“At its worst, it can also spread various side effects. Almost all major religions in the world oppose prostitution, although there are differences in strictness and interpretation.

“On issues like these, I believe allowing prostitution for any reason in Malaysia is not appropriate. It is an act that degrades the dignity of women as objects and is also patriarchal,” he added.

Fernandez further said it must be remembered that as a public figure, any response will have a moral impact on certain segments of society.

“Logically, he mentioned the need for sexual activity as a biological necessity for foreign workers and the need for specific red-light districts which raise several questions.

“Firstly, are the sex workers composed of locals? Secondly, if they are foreign, do they need a special work permit or how?

“But hoping that this issue is just a controversial view from Rosyam, I know he is a wise and good Muslim. Perhaps he expressed his views in frustration and anger, especially when there are rape cases involving foreign workers where the victims are locals,” he added.

Recently, actor, producer and businessman Datuk Rosyam Nor described brothels as a necessity in Malaysia to prevent rape involving foreign workers.

He said this in the ‘Hitam Putih Kehidupan’ podcast posted on Suhan Channel’s TikTok.

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