Malaysians yearn for service, not self-serving politicians

10 Jan 2024 08:00pm
Pix for illustration purpose only. - FILE PIX
Pix for illustration purpose only. - FILE PIX

ONLY a little over a week into the new year of 2024, the political scene is already buzzing with hot political stories.

Political moves to overthrow the current government, as seen in the past, are once again heating the country's political landscape.

The 2008 Kajang Move, Sheraton Move, and Dubai Move - are all almost similar, although not identical, in that they can trigger political controversy in a country that is practically stable after the 15th General Election (GE15).

With the latest story of the Dubai Move surfacing last week, some people feel the impact of a new political episode that is expected to happen again.

In reality, Malaysians are tired and do not want the endless political turmoil that has been going on for more than five years.

At this point, the voters who elected their leaders in the last election want their MPs to focus on serving and defending the interests of the residents in their respective constituencies.

People want to know what progress initiatives, development steps, or welfare measures their YBs are planning for their constituencies, State Assembly, state, and the country, instead of being busy seizing power.

For the people, it's enough with political shifts, clashes of personal interests, or the prolonged power struggle that has affected investment sentiment, the economy, or the prosperity of the country.

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They want all politicians to change their moves from 'wasting time' chasing personal political interests to the sincere intention of helping the people who are increasingly affected by the sluggishness of the country's economy and the world.

Put aside any plans or dreams to implement political moves that only benefit a few, while the majority of the people are indirectly used as pawns.

Get into the field, address the issues of the people, solve emerging problems both in their respective constituencies and at the state or national levels.

These are the best steps that the people want from their representatives now.

Not just fantasising about holding power. It is the people who become the victims.

So, please reflect on yourselves, all the politicians in this country.