P-hailing riders' fate safeguarded with SEGiM

22 Jan 2024 07:30pm

The government's move to establish the Malaysian Gig Economy Commission (SEGiM) is expected to safeguard the fate of p-hailing riders by providing adequate protection for workers involved in this sector.

Through this commission, they can address several issues raised by workers, including social, safety and welfare concerns in the long term.

Recently, drivers from a p-hailing service conducted a nationwide 17-hour boycott dubbed the Grab Blackout Campaign in response to a decrease in delivery rates.

The movement was a form of protest and a demand for the company to pay attention to their voices.

The wage reduction indirectly impacted their income, especially with the rising prices of goods and the high cost of living that they had to bear at this time.

Not all p-hailing riders worked part-time for extra income; many worked full-time to support their daily lives and families.

In response to this, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said he would work towards realising the establishment of SEGiM once it received approval from the entire Cabinet.

Zahid said the proposal was put forth last year after meeting with industry players to enhance the welfare of gig economy workers.

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He said that the establishment of SEGiM aimed to regulate the gig industry ecosystem and safeguard the welfare of the entire chain, from service providers and suppliers to workers and users.

In this regard, the government is advised to engage in discussions or dialogues involving all stakeholders in the sector to ensure that the commission's establishment genuinely benefits everyone and does not oppress any party, including users.

It is hoped that the government's efforts will contribute to the development of the gig industry in Malaysia, ensuring that the industrial environment is well-regulated to safeguard the entire ecosystem chain.