Police misconduct: Comprehensive protocols in place - Selangor Police Chief

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11 Feb 2024 08:36am
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Illustrated by Sinar Daily
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Illustrated by Sinar Daily

SHAH ALAM - Selangor Police is implementing robust measures to ensure accountability and professionalism among police officers amidst recent reports of misconduct.

In response to growing concerns about police misconduct reported by local media across the country, Selangor Police Chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan is taking proactive steps to ensure that officers uphold the law and serve the public with integrity.

Addressing the issue, Hussein stressed the importance of enhancing monitoring and compliance measures within the police force.

"Let's enhance monitoring and compliance measures.

"We have the Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (Jips), which will become more active in monitoring the frontline police units facing the public.

“This initiative aims to hold officers accountable for their actions and ensure adherence to standard operating procedures,” Hussein said after visiting the Karangkraf Group Complex here recently.

He also stressed the importance of motivating frontline officers to prevent misconduct and maintain professionalism.

In an interview with Sinar Daily earlier this afternoon, Hussein revealed plans for more frequent meetings with frontline units to address various issues they encounter, including mental health concerns and stress management.

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"These meetings encompass aspects of their motivation, their mental health, and all the issues they, as frontline police, face while carrying out their duties," Hussein said.

When questioned about implementing standard operating procedures (SOPs) and supervision mechanisms for frontline officers, Hussein assured that comprehensive protocols were already in place.

He highlighted the existence of multiple layers of supervision, with SOPs covering various aspects such as pocketbook checks and duty performance.

"All of that is in place; it is part of the SOP. There are layers of supervision, the first layer, the second layer of supervision monitoring every action of the police officers,

“We are aiming for a more effective implementation of these protocols to ensure optimal performance and accountability within the police force,” Hussein clarified.

It was reported that former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan emphasising the critical importance of upholding the dignity and trustworthiness of the police force amidst growing concerns over misconduct and abuse of power by officers.

"Lately, with the spread of negative news and the involvement of a few officers and personnel in crime and misconduct, it creates a negative perception among the public.

"In fact, the warnings and cautions made by the leadership openly depict to the public that the discipline control of officers and personnel is lax and not firm.

"Actions like this can erode public trust in the police force," he told Sinar recently.

He highlighted the significant level of public trust placed in the police for ensuring community safety and stressed the negative impact of recent incidents on public perception.

Musa also called for stringent measures within the police force, including improved service quality, strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOP), and robust monitoring of officers' conduct while on duty.