High cost of living contributing to high divorce rate in Selangor - Exco

Selangor exco identifies economic disparity as key factor in divorce cases

04 Mar 2024 04:53pm
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Photo by 123RF
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Photo by 123RF

SHAH ALAM - The Selangor State Legislative Assembly was informed that the high cost of living is among the factors contributing to the high divorce rate among Muslims in the state.

State Islamic Affairs and Cultural Innovation exco, Dr Mohammad Fahmi Ngah, explained that the disparity between income growth and the rising cost of living can have various negative implications on the psychology and social well-being of couples, leading to divorces.

"When household income cannot cover expenses, they may seek additional part-time or supplementary employment to meet their financial needs. Due to busy work schedules, quality time with children is reduced, eventually impacting family institutions and leading to divorce."

He was responding to Mu’izzuddeen Mahyuddin's (PN-Hulu Bernam) question about the factors contributing to Selangor having the highest divorce rate compared to other states in 2023.

Additionally, Mohammad Fahmi mentioned that rapid development and the migration of people into Selangor also contribute to the situation.

He highlighted that individuals who marry outside the state but later work and reside in Selangor would probably register their divorces there, as issues related to family institutions, such as divorce, must be officially registered and resolved according to the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court in the applicant's current place of residence.

Mohammad Fahmi mentioned that the Selangor Syariah Judiciary Department has suggested conducting a comprehensive study to identify the actual causes of divorce cases in Selangor.

This study can be utilised by the state government or relevant agencies to formulate policies or programmes aimed at reducing the divorce rate in Selangor, he added. - BERNAMA

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