Social media recipes help families stretch their Ramadan budget

Cooking videos motivate even beginners to try new dishes

24 Mar 2024 10:01am
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Photo credit: FG Trade/Getty Images Signature
Photo for illustration purpose only. - Photo credit: FG Trade/Getty Images Signature

KUALA LUMPUR - It's only been a week into Ramadan, yet it seems that many, especially mothers, are already feeling a bit overwhelmed as they ponder over the delightful menus for both the breaking of fast and sahur (pre-dawn meal).

While it might sound simple, preparing a dish that can both captivate and whet the appetite of the entire family can sometimes result in a shortage of ideas and a decline in cooking enthusiasm.

Despite this, the surge of celebrities and influencers on social media platforms, fervently exhibiting their culinary skills, serves as a lifeline, offering a diverse array of simple yet tasty recipes recipes that can be effortlessly prepared throughout Ramadan.

Rosyatimah Mohamad, 49, shared how cooking videos on social media by celebrities and influencers have been invaluable in broadening the variety of dishes she prepares for her family and keeping her from having to buy food at the bazaar.

"With many celebrities and influencers sharing recipes on TikTok and Instagram, they’ve been a lifesaver for me. Now, I can simply browse through social media whenever I need cooking ideas.

"If I don’t cook, I will end up spending over RM100 a day to feed seven people, which is really not worth it. By spending the money to purchase fresh ingredients such as chicken or fish, I can prepare meals that last us for two or three days,” the trader told Bernama, adding that she often refers to cooking videos by influencers like Che Nom or Normah Bakar, and actress Sheila Rusly.

Accountant Anas Basir A. Bakar, 31, looks up to Khairul Aming, a well-known cooking influencer known for his opening tagline ‘Hey, what’s up guys’, whenever he seeks new recipe ideas.

He said that the simple and easy recipes showcased by the celebrity piqued his interest in cooking, even though he usually bought food from the Ramadan bazaar for breaking fast.

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"Every day, I look forward to watching the videos Khairul Aming shares on his social media page. Besides featuring simple recipes, the ingredients he uses are readily available as well.

"I recently tried Khairul Aming’s ‘paru goreng balado’ recipe, and it was delicious. His recipe made it simple to cook, and it tasted fantastic,” he added.

Arieq Shafi Nor Adnan, a 20-year-old student, said that he felt motivated to try out the recipes after watching several cooking videos on social media.

"I have zero cooking skills, but watching videos that teach easy cooking techniques makes me want to give it a try. Alhamdulillah, I recently made 'bread pudding' and it turned out well,” he shared.

Meanwhile, Associate Professor Datin Dr Asmah Ahmad, a Social Science lecturer at Universiti Selangor, said cooking at home not only saves money but also ensures the food is prepared and served in a hygienic way.

She said that although people often spend more during Ramadan, it is important to remember that the upcoming Hari Raya Aidilfitri will require a bigger budget.

"Therefore, early planning is very important to ensure prudent spending within our means. Also, we should be careful not to overspend.

"If influencer cooking videos motivate us to cook at home and ultimately help us save money, they should be encouraged to keep producing them,” she said. - BERNAMA

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