Malaysia declines offer to host 2026 Commonwealth Games

The decision was made after taking into account all implications of Malaysia hosting the games.

22 Mar 2024 10:35pm
1998 Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia. FILE PIX
1998 Commonwealth Games held in Malaysia. FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - Youth and Sports Ministry today announces the government has decided to decline the offer to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

Following thorough deliberation during a Cabinet meeting, the decision was reached after careful consideration of all aspects of the organisation and its potential implications.

“A delegation from the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) met with the Youth and Sports Minister and held an explanatory session regarding the hosting offer, which was also attended by the Second Finance Minister.

“The outcome of the meeting was presented in the Cabinet meeting and, among other things, highlighted the CGF's offer of £100 million (RM603 million), which is expected to be insufficient to cover the overall costs of hosting a large-scale sports event,” it said in a statement.

Additionally, concerns were raised about the inability to determine the short-term economic impact of hosting the games.

Expressing gratitude for the offer, the government acknowledged the CGF's gesture in considering Malaysia as a potential host for the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

“At present, the Government's focus lies on prioritising sports development initiatives and ensuring the welfare and well-being of its citizens,” the statement read.

Following Victoria's sudden withdrawal in July last year, citing escalating costs, the CGF is now in a frantic search for a new host.

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This unexpected turn of events, coupled with the absence of a clear alternative, has sparked discussions about the fate of the games, held every four years, with Birmingham hosting the last edition in 2022.

For the record, Malaysia last hosted the Commonwealth Games in 1998.

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