Efforts ongoing to elevate Langkawi, boost economy – Kuah MP

His focus includes welfare, cost of living and connectivity between Langkawi Island and the mainland.

20 Apr 2024 02:00pm
Langkawi Island.
Langkawi Island.

SHAH ALAM - The tourism industry is one of the main sectors contributing to the country's economy.

However, some Malaysians prefer to travel abroad rather than domestically.

As a native of Pulau Langkawi, Kuah State Assemblyman Amar Pared Mahamud wants the tourism industry in Pulau Langkawi, the spotlight of Kedah, to continue to thrive and boost the national economy.

Recently, Amar addressed local concerns and amplified residents' voices on various issues during an interview with Sinar.

"Among the main issues are welfare, the cost of living, and the connectivity between Langkawi Island and the mainland.

"Hence, I will make the effort to ensure that every welfare initiative by the Kedah Government reaches the target groups in Langkawi, especially the Langkawi State Assembly (DUN) Kuah," he said.

Amar Pared. - Photo by Sinar
Amar Pared. - Photo by Sinar

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His focus includes welfare, cost of living and connectivity between Langkawi Island and the mainland.

Initiatives like the Prihatin Kuah Sejahtera programme, which provides vouchers for essential goods, he said, aimed to support the less fortunate.

Other than that, Amar also highlighted the importance of curbing transportation issues on the island.

"If the Kedah Sejahtera Ferry is realised, it will also enable ferry operators to compete in offering more quality and competitive fare and service," he added.

Additionally, Amar said proposals for ferry transport and water resource improvements are raised in the Kedah State Legislative Assembly to tackle recurring issues.

"Kuah serves as the gateway to Langkawi Island through Jeti Kuah," he said.

"It is understood that the Federal Government has approved an allocation of RM15 million to finance the upgrading costs at Jeti Kuah and Jeti Pulau Tuba in Langkawi.

“Recent federal funding approval of RM15 million for upgrades at Jeti Kuah and Jeti Pulau Tuba highlights efforts to attract more domestic and international tourists to Langkawi,” he said.

Amar also deemed ongoing maintenance of tourist attractions around the resort island as essential to sustain visitor interest.

"For the Year of Visiting Kedah 2025, one of the actions taken to develop the tourism industry and boost the local economy is to further increase direct flights to Langkawi.

"Currently, efforts are being made to promote direct flights from the Middle East, Europe, and China," he said.

Efforts to boost tourism include improving direct flights to Langkawi with collaborations with airlines ongoing to promote direct flights from the Middle East, Europe, and China.

"Langkawi, which is the highlight of Kedah, holds its own prestige and cannot be compared to Hatyai in Thailand because Hatyai is not an island like Langkawi.

"Langkawi Island should be compared to other world-famous islands such as the Maldives, Bali, Phuket and Boracay," he said.

Regarding Langkawi's tourism industry, often compared to Thailand, Amar emphasised the island's unique prestige and suggests comparisons with other renowned island destinations worldwide.

"In promoting and enhancing Malaysia's international image, increasing the hosting of appealing events to attract tourists is crucial,” he said.

He proposed reconsidering motor racing events like Formula 1, which previously showcased Malaysia as a premier event host globally.

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