Ambiguous foreign policy threatens Malaysia's sovereignty - Expert

Expert warns of foreign interference

Farhana Abd Kadir
Farhana Abd Kadir
17 Apr 2024 01:51pm
Taylor University Law and Governance lecturer Saidatul (centre). -  Photo by Mohd Halim Abdul Wahid
Taylor University Law and Governance lecturer Saidatul (centre). - Photo by Mohd Halim Abdul Wahid

SHAH ALAM - The ambiguity in the country's foreign policy can destabilise geopolitics and compromise Malaysia's sovereignty, warned Taylor University Law and Governance lecturer Dr Saidatul Nadia Abd Aziz

Saidatul highlighted findings from various research papers indicating that weak laws make countries vulnerable to external interference.

She cited Jordan as a prime example of a nation that has effectively safeguarded its sovereignty and security amidst political unrest in the West Asian region, emphasising the importance of firm foreign policy.

"If our foreign policy lacks robustness, it opens the door for anyone to enter Malaysia.

"We risk facing a situation akin to Palestine, where foreign forces encroach upon and occupy territory," she cautioned.

Saidatul stressed the urgency of addressing Malaysia's fragile foreign policy, particularly in light of external claims on the South China Sea.

"While Malaysia aims for peace, the current geopolitical landscape is unforgiving and rapidly evolving.

"What was once considered safe may no longer be so," she added.

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She said this as a panellist of the Wacana series 436 entitled 'The Iran-Israel Conflict: Impact on Malaysia' on Tuesday.

Saidatul also discussed the diverse perspectives on the Iran-Israel conflict across Southeast Asia, noting that Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei have been vocal in condemning Israeli aggression against Gaza.

"In Southeast Asia, we see varying stances on global issues due to differing contexts.

"While Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei stand united in condemning Israeli atrocities, countries like Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia adopt a more indifferent approach," she said.