Being a bodyguard: A lucrative yet risky career path - Former UTK personnel

Female bodyguard sheds light on physically demanding profession

27 Apr 2024 04:02pm
Ameyza once assigned as bodyguard to Dr Wan Azizah.
Ameyza once assigned as bodyguard to Dr Wan Azizah.

SHAH ALAM - Despite the high risks involved, the profession of personal guarding or bodyguarding, typically dominated by men, is recognised for offering substantial salaries.

Depending on the guard's expertise in firearms, martial arts, and experience, the salary can sometimes reach tens of thousands of ringgit per month.

Former Police' Special Action Unit (UTK) personnel, Ameyza Ya'acob shed light on the substantial earnings of personal guards, particularly those employed by private companies, which can vary from RM3,000 to RM10,000 monthly, contingent upon their skills and experience.

"Their salaries may range from RM3,000 to RM10,000 per month based on the experience and skills of the personal guard.

"Usually, celebrities, businessmen, VIPs, and artists use the services of personal guards," he told Sinar recently.

Ameyza stressed that aspiring personal guards must possess relevant knowledge and skills.

Despite societal skepticism toward female bodyguards, Ameyza, who previously guarded former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, highlighted the necessity for physical fitness, weapon proficiency, and mental preparedness in the profession.

"Time for oneself and family is also limited because we are bound by the employer's schedule. We must be ready 24 hours a day because we can be called to work at any time.

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"So, for me, this job is unsuitable for married women," she added.

Ameyza now serves as a personal guard to a businessman.
Ameyza now serves as a personal guard to a businessman.

Asked about the challenges throughout her work, Ameyza, who now serves as a personal guard to a businessman, said she had never experienced anxious moments throughout her career.

"But that's not something I take lightly because this anxious situation can occur at any time while performing duties," she said.

Recently, at approximately 1.20am, a man discharged two shots at the KLIA 1 Arrivals Hall, targeting his wife, who was awaiting Umrah pilgrims.

One shot missed its mark, while the other struck the bodyguard of the suspect's wife, who sustained serious injuries.

The suspect fled the scene but was apprehended by the police in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, on April 15.

The bodyguard, Muhammad Nur Hadith, 37, is currently being treated at Cyberjaya Hospital.

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