Fazley Yaakob collaborates with Bionics Sciences on new contact lens technology

15 May 2024 09:29am

Bionics Sciences, in collaboration with Datuk Fazley Yaakob, proudly announces the launch of the Bliss and Sucré Lens, the latest innovation in vision care.

This revolutionary product sets a new standard in vision correction by utilising advanced MPC + Si-Hy material to redefine comfort and clarity in contact lenses.

The introduction of the Bliss and Sucré Lens represents a pivotal moment in the field of eye care. Years of meticulous research and development have culminated in a product that not only enhances vision but also ensures optimal eye health and comfort.

Key Features:

Bacteria Suppression Properties

The lens features a non-ionic surface designed to prevent proteins and other foreign substances from adhering to the cornea, thereby reducing bacterial accumulation.

2X Moisture Retention

Utilising PC monomers and polymers, these lenses significantly enhance moisture retention. The surface is coated with moisturising agents, which help maintain tear moisture and comfort throughout the day.

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Precision Edge Design

The innovative edge design minimises corneal irritation, improves dryness, and ensures a comfortable fit. This design promotes smooth tear circulation and efficient discharge, enhancing overall comfort.

The Bliss and Sucré Lens is set to redefine user expectations, offering a perfect blend of hygiene, hydration, and comfort. This product is ideal for individuals seeking optimal vision correction with the added benefits of advanced eye care technology.