'People know who you are' - Former Selangor manager advises against flaunting on social media

Zack Rahim also said this advice extends to athletes in badminton, cycling, and those preparing for the Olympics.

24 May 2024 04:37pm
Zack Rahim.
Zack Rahim.

SHAH ALAM - In our digital world, social media is a double-edged sword for athletes. While it offers a platform for connection, excessive sharing can be detrimental.

The constant online presence of footballers can breed envy among others, as pointed out by former Selangor manager Zakaria Rahim.

Fondly known as Zack Rahim, the local football observer also said that today’s players might be too exposed on social media, leading to jealousy from others.

“I would like to advise our national players and all professional footballers that people know you are successful athletes with good incomes, nice cars, and branded clothes.

"There is no need to flaunt it. There’s a saying, ‘Foolish people show off, but wise people do not need to.’

"Share the right things on social media, and people will like you without harbouring resentment.

"As a professional footballer, especially when representing your country, it is crucial to limit your activity on social media,” he said during Sinar Daily's Sports Matters podcast aired recently.

Zack also said this advice extends to athletes in badminton, cycling, and those preparing for the Olympics.

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“Consider the recent performance of our Harimau Malaya Under-23 players in the Asian Cup.

"Are they getting enough sleep? Professional sportsmen should ensure they sleep at least six to eight hours per night, particularly three days before a match.

"Are they staying up late on social media or playing video games? Such distractions are detrimental to their performance.

“When I took over the Selangor team, I stressed two key points to the players.

"First, respect the ball because it is your source of income and without it, you are nobody.

"Second, understand the essence of professionalism. Being a professional means dedicating your life entirely to football,” he added.

Zack stressed the importance of avoiding distractions unrelated to the sport.

“Stay away from late-night gaming, online chatting, and gambling.

"Discipline is paramount. Do not frequently go to mamak restaurants; the food is unhealthy and will affect your performance at the international level.

"Look at football legends like Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi. They may drink alcohol, but they know when to do it and when to abstain, especially during the season.

"Foreign players drink but manage their habits wisely. Everything happens during the off-season. Our players need to monitor themselves and not rely solely on the coaching team,” he stressed.

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