PUMA introduces hijab for Muslim women  

17 Nov 2021 03:48pm
PUMA Malaysia introduces its first sports hijab
PUMA Malaysia introduces its first sports hijab

Global sports brand PUMA recently introduced the new PUMA Hijab in Malaysia for Muslim women.

Applying a homegrown design, the hijab will help women to move more freely and comfortably throughout the day, especially when undergoing a fitness and exercise regime.

PUMA Southeast Asia Head of Marketing, Eleanor Wang said, the PUMA Hijab products are made of high quality lightweight and good ventilation fabric.

"It's also versatile because it is not only suitable for sports activities on the track, field, court and gymnasium, but stylish enough to be worn with your daily casual wear," she said in a statement.

Eleanor said the item provides a longer-length design to cover the chest area, which is a feature that's not incorporated by many sports brands.

Interestingly, the scarf also has small openings on both sides so that the use of earphones becomes more ergonomic and convenient.

The PUMA Hijab is available in black in S and M sizes, and can be purchased exclusively at Al-Ikhsan Sports.

For more information, visit alikhsan.com.

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