POLITICALLY FRANK: Is Wan Fayhsal a misunderstood politician?

20 Jul 2022 09:00am

SHAH ALAM - He often claims to be misquoted by the media.

Is he?

Bersatu Youth Chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal speaks to Sinar Daily Politifically Frank over being ‘the most misunderstood man’.

In April, he claimed to have been misquoted over his article on Malays rejecting Pakatan Harapan due to its “full-blown” liberal democratic nature this is because they need to be protected by those who share similar identity politics.

He later clarified that he is against Malay feudal mindset but that is a fact.

Last November, Wan Fayhsal clarified his strong stand made in 2020 on vernacular schools, saying all he was asking for was for the institutions to strengthen the Malay language and not to abolish them.

He further said that he made the call in his capacity as Bersatu Youth chief and not as a government spokesman.

News reports in August 2020 had quoted Wan Fayhsal as saying the Bersatu Youth wing supported the abolition of vernacular schools, claiming that they have not produced students who possess a “strong national identity”.

​​​​​​​He also spoke to Sinar Daily on GE15 and on Bersatu's future.

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