New safety guidelines for Thermomix TM6 users for spillage and burn prevention

26 Aug 2022 06:11pm
Thermomix's latest model TM6 - Photo from Thermomix's official website
Thermomix's latest model TM6 - Photo from Thermomix's official website
An all-in-one kitchen technology crafted especially for the busy and distracted, Thermomix (TM) is there to save the day.

With the power of more than 20 appliances, this wondrous cooking machine allows users to chop, whip, blend, weigh, mill, knead or just any cooking activities users might think of, the TM6 model is built for convenience.

A wide database of delicious recipes from all over the world is easily accessible to users at their fingertips and even a team of cooking experts is readily available to provide assistance in machine optimization and provide advice for healthier cooking.

As amazing as it sounds, even TM6 is not exempted from the usual cooking accidents like spillage and burns.

Vorwerk Engineering promptly addressed the issue of overspilling for Thermomix fans by giving precise directions of use and an improved software update for TM6.

In designing TM6, various considerations have been included in the product whereby the standard and fixed measuring cup was designed with precision so that sufficient steam when cooking or simmering is allowed to escape at the edges.

However, there will be certain instances where ingredients may float atop and be compressed thus preventing steam from escaping.

The increased pressure can build up within the mixing bowl and cause a sudden and uncontrollable spillage of hot food, exposing users to possible burns.

Such mishaps may happen if users exceeded the recommended filling level of food or if the TM6 measuring cup was used with predecessor models.
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Therefore, Vorwerk Engineering highly recommends that TM6 users use the simmering basket instead of the TM6 measuring cup for cooking or simmering at temperatures of 95°C or above (200°F).

This is due to the fact that the simmering basket rests loosely and is steam-permeable, unlike the TM6 measuring cup which fits tightly in the lid.

Although this may seem like a simple measure which may hardly affect the cooking experience it is very effective in preventing any potential problems of spillage from happening.

For added assistance and accident-proof measures, a software update on TM6 and revised recipes in “Guided Cooking” have also been adjusted accordingly.

Vorwerk Thermomix aims at preserving the quality of the products and the satisfaction of the customers where strict and proactive policies are practised.

This is to ensure and minimise possible hazards from happening to users while using the product.

For further enquiries, Thermomix users may head to their official website at
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