Politically Frank: Boycotting GE15 will only make it worse, cautions Muda

28 Oct 2022 09:00am
Muda exco member Ainie Haziqah Shafii at a home visit during Sinar Daily's Politically Frank
Muda exco member Ainie Haziqah Shafii at a home visit during Sinar Daily's Politically Frank
SHAH ALAM - Malaysia has been plagued by political instability this past few years making youths and Malaysians, in general, to be frustrated with this predicament leaving some to boycott the 15th General Election (GE15).

Even so, Muda exco member Ainie Haziqah Shafii said boycotting GE15 would not be right way to express frustrations as it would hinder any improvements or developments to be made for the country.

She said without elections, any changes for the country will be hard to implement, adding that only with elections that political parties can prove to the people they could offer what was best for all Malaysians.

“We cannot be tired of politics, we have to ensure that we inspire each other and we have to aspire to ensure that Malaysia could be more stable in the future,” she said.

To encourage Malaysians to be more involved in politics, she said it was important for the country's education system to be revamped and include basic political studies starting at an early age.

Ainie added if political education was adequate then youths who have reached the voting age of 18 would be aware of the candidates, reasons and the directions of what they will be voting for.

“I think political education is very important not just when they reach 18 but it's really important to start them young,” she said.

She further told Sinar Daily Politically Frank that if Muda wins in GE15, they would tackle substantial issues like minimum wage and good governance.

To her, the most important thing was to ensure the policies, regulations and legislations were properly implemented for the best of the people.
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“So they (the people) can live and have a good life in this country,” Ainie added.