Umno Supreme Council has no power to decide on party’s top posts – Nazri Aziz

31 Dec 2022 01:16pm

SHAH ALAM – The Umno Supreme Working Council (MKT) does not have the authority to determine whether the proposal for two important positions in the party are not contested.

It should instead be raised as a motion in the party’s Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), expected to be held before the 2023 Umno General Assembly (PAU) next year.

Padang Rengas Umno leader Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said according to the party's constitution, any motion to be presented in the PAU conference starting on Jan 14, 2023, must be based on grassroots or specific proposals or voices through the Umno division.

He explained that the party's MKT cannot propose the proposal itself without the support of the majority of the Umno division through the EGM.

"It is enshrined in the party's constitution and cannot be challenged by any party.

"So if you really want to propose the presidential position to not be contested, the MKT has to mobilise the voice of the Umno division to propose it," explained the former BN secretary-general to Sinar Premium.

He commented on the view of Umno leaders who insisted that the two highest positions in the party should not be contested in order to ensure unity in the party.

Nazri who was also the former Padang Rengas MP, suggested that the Umno leadership only implement the party selection process in accordance with true democratic practices.

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He explained that any party need not be afraid to participate because the issue of division within the party was no longer relevant after the 15th General Election (GE15).

"If internal problems arise after the party election, resolve them as brothers and sisters within these five years," said Mohamed Nazri.