Politically Frank: Did Noh Omar sabotage Tanjong Karang BN candidate in GE15?

01 Feb 2023 09:25am
SHAH ALAM - Eyes are on Datuk Seri Noh Omar after being sacked from Umno last Friday.

Will he join Perikatan Nasional? Even if he joins the Malay party which one would it be? Bersatu or Pas.

Being a well-known figure in Selangor, he may be enticed to join the opposition to woo Malay voters in the coming state elections speculated to be held this June.

Sinar Daily Politically Frank talks to him on is future plans and his disappointments. He was further asked on allegations of him sabotaging GE15 candidate Datuk Seri Habibah Yusof by closing all BN operations in Tanjong Karang.

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