Offer lower price, faster speed for Fixed Internet Broadband Unity Package, say consumers

04 Feb 2023 09:11pm
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: 123RF
Photo for illustrative purposes only. Photo: 123RF
SHAH ALAM - Consumers across the board welcomed the Broadband Unity Package initiative by the government, but will only utilise it if it comes at a lower price and faster internet speed.

Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam president Datuk Dr Jacob George said the initiative should be praised and welcomed, but the cost of the package is debatable.

"We laud the proactive initiative of the government to provide for the community, but there are a lot of grouses which came with it," he said.

"Among the issues were whether the packages were already cheap or the people could get it for further cheaper price?" he questioned.

He said this because many experts have approached him, telling him the internet package could be offered at even lower price.

"Pricing wise, professionals said we can get it at a much cheaper price and that has to be re-examined and revisited because if that is true, I do not see any reason why the government cannot do it," he told Sinar Daily.

He added that there must be some parameters of flexibility in terms of contract as to not add burden to the people.

"Let's move away from the fixed contract practice and instead approach a flexible contract basis where consumers would be able to pull out of the service without being imposed any penalties," he explained.

"This is important as this initiative should be a truly accountable, transparent and tailored for the consumers who are in the target group," he added.
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Clerk Fateha Shukor who also sells preloved clothings online said this initiative is great, but it does not have any value for money.

"The package is a good effort, but it is not worth the money compared to packages offered by other telcos which come with faster internet speed," she said.

As an online seller, Fateha told Sinar Daily that her business relies a lot on the speed of internet as she often sells clothings through TikTok live.

She also explained that she does not mind paying about RM200 per month for 500Mbps Wi-Fi package as long as she has strong internet connection for her online business.

She added that she is a bit reluctant to register for the package as it comes with a contract, in which will impose penalty if she decides to stop using the service.

Nineteen-year-old student Amir Usman the package is a good step, but the government needs to bring down the price as the internet speed offered is not as fast as other telcos.

"If the government offers lower price or increase the internet speed, I think the package would be worth it," he said.

He also said he could sign up for the package if the speed is improved for him to do his university assignments.

Rahim Mokhtar, who is a 73-year-old retiree, said the package would be suitable for his household where only he and his wife lives in.

However, he said that his neighbourhood has unstable internet access, so subscribing to the package would be a waste of money.

"The government should enhance internet accessibility to all areas, so even more people can benefit from this initiative," he said.

The government on Thursday announced the introduction of the Fixed Internet Broadband Unity Package which is aimed at helping the B40 households, veterans, persons with disabilities and senior citizens to enjoy broadband services at a lower price.