Anwar scores 68 per cent approval rating from the people

10 Feb 2023 07:38pm
Anwar Ibrahim - Bernama Pix
Anwar Ibrahim - Bernama Pix

SHAH ALAM - Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim obtained a score of 68 per cent approval rating based on the recently released surved by Merdeka Centre.

In the survey titled 'Perception Towards Economy, Leadership and Current Issues Post GE15 Survey', a total of 54 per cent voters were also satisfied with the new unity government.

"In the report also, only 25 per cent people expressed dissatisfaction over the newly formed Unity government," the centre said in a press statement today.

The survey involved some 1,209 voters from various race backgrounds, was conducted from Dec 26 to Jan 15.

It was also recorded in the survey that nearly one-quarter of voters refrained from giving their views, which indicated cautiousness after four years of tumultuous political developments that had gripped the country.

Throughout the duration of the survey and the unity government administration, 48 per cent believe that Malaysia is headed in the right direction, compared to only 20 per cent last year according to the statement.

"While 43 per cent of voters expressed optimism about the national economy in the coming year, which a raise from 23 per cent in Oct.

"Another 38 per cent of voters were optimistic about their personal financial prospects, compared to 26 per cent last year," he added.

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Meanwhile, some respondents adopted a strong "wait-and-see" attitude, which is likely underpinned by strong voter concerns about economic growth and the cost of living.

This was raised by nearly 20 per cent and 19 per cent respondents, respectively in the survey. These areas of concern must be looked at by the new government.

"This was followed by increasing investment in the economy (12 per cent), fighting corruption (10 per cent), and improving the quality of education (9 per cent)," it added.

On the other hand, the survey also found that a big majority, 79 per cent of voters, welcomed the results of the election.

The Merdeka Center noted that survey results show a Malaysian electorate that is keen to put behind the instability that had mired the country’s politics in the past and move on to the new leadership's ability to prove themselves.

"While many accept the unity government, the public is also reserving their assessment of the new government.

"A key factor in determining public satisfaction will be how well it can address the longstanding problem of economic growth and rising costs of living. "Reception towards the revamped 2023 national budget, due to be tabled in the coming weeks, will be an important milestone that will drive public response towards the new administration," it said.