Retract your claims or you may be sued - Guan Eng warns Muhyiddin

14 Mar 2023 02:15pm
Lim Guan Eng (centre) with his lawyer and a fellow MP. - Lim's official Facebook page
Lim Guan Eng (centre) with his lawyer and a fellow MP. - Lim's official Facebook page

SHAH ALAM - Former Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has warned former Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin that he will take legal action, if Muhyiddin refuses to withdraw his accusations towards him regarding the Albukhary tax-exempt revocation

On his Facebook, Lim shared that he had discussed with his lawyer Guok Ngek Seong the backgound and legal details of Muhyiddin's accusation against him.

Lim wrote that his lawyer, was of the opinion that he had a strong case, since he had no knowledge of the action taken by the Inland Revenue Board, as claimed by Muhyiddin.

"Guok Ngek Seong is of the opinion that legally I am on solid ground, since I have no knowledge of the action, if any, taken by the IRB.

"Muhyiddin’s defamatory statement is clearly baseless and unfounded when the purported letter of revocation for Albukhary Foundation’s tax exempt status by me to the IRB does not exist." Lim wrote.

Lim said despite having asked Muhyiddin to show proof and produce the said letter of revocation, Lim who is also Bagan MP said Muhyiddin had failed to do so.

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He added that Muhyiddin has not produced any letter or document from the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) on the matter.

Lim went on to write in the post that Muhyiddin continues to insist that he was personally responsible even though he did not issue any letter of revocation.

"If Muhyiddin does not withdraw and apologise for his statement by tomorrow, I have instructed Guok to start legal proceedings against him (Muhyiddin) immediately demanding additional compensatory damages.

"I am compelled to do so to rebut the dangerous implications of Muhyiddin’s lies that can inflame and provoke unhappiness that a non-Muslim Minister revoked the tax-exempt status of a Muslim charitable organisation," Lim added.

Meanwhile, Lim who is also the DAP chairman refused to speculate on the intent of the Bersatu president to drag him into his current predicament of being charged for corruption.

Lim believed that Muhyiddin’s series of false statements against him is seditious in nature and can undermine racial goodwill and religious harmony.

He wrote in his post "As Muhyiddin is unlikely to withdraw and apologise for his defamatory statements, I will have to see him in court to clear my name and reputation." On March 12, Muhyiddin had refused retract his allegation that Lim was responsible for revoking a tax exemption granted to Yayasan Al-Bukhary at a media conference after the Bersatu annual general assembly at Menara PGRM.

Instead, the PN chief argued that the onus was on Lim to provide an explanation, as the former finance minister who was in charge of the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) which had revoked the tax exemption given to Yayasan Al-Bukhary for charitable donations.

On March 10, Muhyiddin Yassin had been charged with six counts of corruption and power abuse involving RM427.5 million Muhyiddin whose actual registered name is Mahiaddin Md Yasin, became the second former prime minister to be charged in court for corruption in the country's history.