Yeoh lodges police report over Christian Evangelist accusation

14 Mar 2023 11:58pm
Hannah Yeoh
Hannah Yeoh

SHAH ALAM - Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh has denied allegations made by Bersatu leader Badrul Hisham Shaharin's for associating her ministry with Christian Evangelist.

Yeoh said her political secretary has made a police report against Badrul Hisham on Monday.

"My political secretary has made a police report against Che'GuBard (Badrul Hisham) who has slandered me on social media and WhatsApp," Yeoh said in a Facebook posting, today.

On March 13, Badrul Hisham through a statement on Facebook claimed a non-governmental organisation is looking for non-Christian youths to be taken to churches using funds from the ministry.

He claimed youths involved would be given disclosure of religious similarities and differences through visits and volunteering activities.

In the meantime, Impact Integrated Berhad who run Let's Visit Church project has denied the allegations.

According to the agency, Article 11 Project is a part of the #MalaysiaInklusif initiative by Impact Malaysia with the aim to increase understanding among youngsters multiracial and religion in this country.

“Article 11 project has two motions.

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"Firstly, a tour through Let's Visit programme where youth will be able to visit different worship houses for the purpose of seeing similarities in values and differences in religion.

"Secondly, the youth will follow volunteer activities to help the vulnerable organised by charitable organisations based on religion, so that they can understand that all religions has similarities in terms of pure values ​​and organising charitable initiative," she said.

Article 11: Let's Visit Church and Article 11: Let's Visit Hindu Temple projects will be conducted on March 18 and 19, 2023.

"Let's Visit Church programme is the third visit and the previous visits through the Let's Visit programme was to the Federal Territory Mosque on March 4, 2023 involving eight Chinese and Indian participants.

"Let's Visit Gurdwara programme at Gurdwara Sahib Shah Alam which was held last March 11, involved three Chinese participants," she explained.