Indulge in a magical experience with CoolBlog's latest drink range

22 Feb 2023 06:28pm
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Coolblog Malaysia has come out with a vibrant-coloured new drink range inspired by unicorns which symbolises fantasy and fairytale - Magical Unicool for a limited time.

Coming out with a more aesthetically-pleasing drink, Magical Unicool consisted of three brand new flavours that aimed to be a hit among their consumers.

Coolblog Marketing Campaign Manager Ashida Arshad said apart from giving the fantasy and fairytale mode to ones, the drinks were designed to enlighten a gloomy day and improve someone’s mood.

“Coolblog’s inclusion of the Fluffy Cloud Bits came as a natural decision as we wanted to highlight the dreamy-fantasy element of the drink that complements the unique flavour combination and aesthetic value from its colours.

“Additionally, our team has worked hard to improve the series in terms of aspects such as the ingredients utilised, the overall taste, the standard operating procedures, and even the packaging.

“It was to ensure the standard is no less than the best so that customers can have the best experience when enjoying the smoothies,” she said.

The three new flavours were; Unicool Magical; a combination of strawberry and blue coral flavour that gives it a sweet and yummy taste.

Unicool Dazzle; drinks infused with yam and blue coral flavour.

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Unicool Twinkle gives a mixture of yam and strawberry.

All smoothies are served with chewy brown sugar pearls, rainbow jelly, and Fluffy Cloud Bits for only RM10.90.

Ashida further said she hoped the latest drinks by CoolBlog could bring magical moments to their fans as they approached the second quarter of the year.

For more information on CoolBlog and its promotions, visit their website at and social media.

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