How much is your life worth on the internet?

20 Mar 2023 10:52pm
Photo for illustration purpose only.
Photo for illustration purpose only.

SHAH ALAM - Is it worth taking your own life for the sake of clout chasing?

The China Press has recently reported two cases of accidental deaths, which were supposedly pranks.

A 21-year-old influencer who was on a video call with a friend accidentally hung herself.

The Indonesian influencer from Bogor, Indonesia had expressed her desire to end her own life, and that had received countless concerned comments.

However, however, she continued with her plan to kill herself and even informed her friend about it.

What is even more shocking is that she also prepared a suicide note.

Things took a tragic turn when she lost her grip on a chair and hanged herself, Indonesian media reported.

The unfortunate incident happened when she was on a video call with a friend.

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According to the investigation, she had suffered fatal neck injuries and the police had concluded her death as an accident.

The other case was the death of a 25-year-old Chinese influencer in 2021.

According to Chinese media reports, she was provoked into eating pesticides by her viewers after they saw the pesticide bottle next to her during a live stream.

The influencer, named only Luo, shared a video with her fans of her struggle with depression before the attempt.

It was claimed that she had also been receiving treatment for two months in the hospital.

During the live stream, the viewers encouraged her to drink the liquid while leaving comments such as "quickly drink it", "drink it if you want to" and "the bottle doesn't contain urine, right?".

Luo drank the whole bottle of pesticide poison after being pressured by her provocative words.

According to the report, Luo was taken to hospital, but she was already severely poisoned and the doctors could not save her.

Luo died the next day.