‘It’s 2023, not right to play with racial sentiments,’ Muda tells Dr M

02 Jun 2023 03:11pm
Muda Wangsa Maju Deputy Chairman Wymann Liew. Picture by Nurul Atikah Sarji
Muda Wangsa Maju Deputy Chairman Wymann Liew. Picture by Nurul Atikah Sarji

SHAH ALAM - The Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) tells political veteran Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad that it is not right to play with racial sentiments in order to attract support.

This comes after Dr Mahathir, who was also the former Langkawi MP, remarked on his willingness to collaborate with Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, provided they share the same objectives and highlighted the need to prioritise the welfare of the Malays and reject individuals involved in corruption or criminal misconduct as primary goals.

Muda Wangsa Maju Deputy Chairman Wymann Liew commented that it was not the right time to use racial sentiments to attract voters; in fact, it was an incorrect action.

“It’s 2023 already, I think it is an incorrect action to play with racial sentiments. Malaysia has been independent for almost six decades.

“I used to see Dr Mahathir as an idol who was a good leader for the country, but lately I think he is getting older, so his mindset is changing,” Liew told Sinar Daily at Karangkraf Complex, today.

Speaking on the resolution to encounter this racial sentiment, he further added that Muda would continue to advocate the rakyat, whereby Muda has a political alignment with the party for all Malaysians; regardless of race, ethnicity, or skin colour.

“What we want to advocate is a policy-based party. So, now we have to be determined and work together to fight this sentiment,” he remarked.

Yesterday, Dr Mahathir pointed out that the Malays were currently split according to political parties, which made them weak and unable to rectify the situation.

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“We want to work together, but the end goals must be set out,” he had said in Putrajaya.

“We have split into many parties, and we have lost power. When we lose power, we cannot correct the circumstances which are detrimental to the Malays.

Muda Federal Territory Communication Head Shah Fariq Aizal also echoed Liew’s outlook and claimed that Muda would not agree with the Malay sentiment that had been played by the PN for the upcoming state elections.

Muda Wilayah Persekutan Head of Communication Shah Fariq Aizal. Picture by Nurul Atikah Sarji
Muda Wilayah Persekutan Head of Communication Shah Fariq Aizal. Picture by Nurul Atikah Sarji

“For me, the idea may work for certain segments of the Malay community, but I think youth may have different opinions on that.

“Even with Muda, we do not agree on sentiments but again, I cannot say (this) for all Malays,” Shah remarked.

Muhyiddin today expressed his willingness to cooperate with Dr Mahathir.

“I welcome Dr Mahathir’s statement on his willingness to cooperate with me for the sake of the Malays and Muslims.

“I realise the recent political developments have placed Malays and Muslims at a crossroads,” he said in a Facebook post on Friday.

Muhyiddin said in his post that, as a Muslim, he was prepared to cooperate with any Malay and Muslim figures for the sake of defending religion, race, and the nation.

Selangor, along with Kedah, Kelantan Terengganu, Penang and Negeri Sembilan are due for state polls this year, following their respective Menter Besar’s decision not to dissolve the state assembly and go to the polls in tandem with last year’s 15th General Election.

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