Campaign with politeness and respect, advises Penang Mufti to state election candidates

18 Jul 2023 05:29pm
Wan Salim - FILE PIX
Wan Salim - FILE PIX

GEORGE TOWN - Penang Mufti Datuk Seri Wan Salim Wan Mohd Noor has advised all parties contesting in the state polls in August to be prudent and use a moderate approach in the campaign period.

He said all parties should campaign politely and maintain good manners and morals to avoid unwanted incidents.

"I want to invite all politicians to use a moderate and prudent approach in a campaign to attract voters towards their parties.

"Campaign politely by maintaining good manners and morals, don't insult, curse, and slander any individual just because of differences in political beliefs," he said when contacted today.

Wan Salim also advised Muslim politicians not to be extreme and obsessed when holding election campaigns.

"Especially for Muslim politicians, I would like to remind you not to be too extreme and too obsessive.

"This includes not praying for the destruction of fellow believers and fellow countrymen even if they are of different religions.

"Prophet Muhammad SAW when he had a friend asking him to pray for the destruction of the musyrikin race after no longer being able to bear the oppression he faced, he replied I was not sent as a cursor, but (on the contrary) as a bearer of mercy.

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"That's why it is not appropriate for a Muslim to pray for the harm towards their brothers and sisters simply due to differences in political beliefs.

"Such prayers should be directed to those oppressing Muslims due to the injustice they've done, but if you're patient it's better and you will be rewarded great in the sight of Allah SWT," he said.

Wan Salim added that Muslims should pray for the good of the world and the afterlife for religious brothers and sisters and for the sake of the harmony among humans.

"The relationship between Muslims as said in a Hadith was similar to one body, every part feels what the other is experiencing.

"Differences in political beliefs are normal, they should not divide the ranks of Muslims as brothers of the same faith.

"These differences are natural, the same as differences in body shape, skin color, and level of appearance that must be accepted as a decree from our Creator.

"Therefore, be politically mature as a civilised society and support the democratic system," he said.