'Which direction should I go after this', accident victim's last poignant post

20 Sep 2023 10:12pm
Syafiq displayed the last message shared by the deceased on Instagram four days ago - FILE PIX
Syafiq displayed the last message shared by the deceased on Instagram four days ago - FILE PIX

PUTRAJAYA - Accident victim Faris Haziq Abu Bakar, 25, who tragically lost his life in an accident involving 14 vehicles at Kilometre 5.7 of Jalan Persiaran Utara here, shared a poignant post on his instagram page four days ago.

In the post he alluded to which direction he would be going in life.

His friend, Syafiq Abu Suffian, 25, expressed his disbelief that this post would be one of the last ones shared by the deceased.

"The person I knew was a cheerful individual who enjoyed joking around with his friends, but for the past few days, he seemed to prefer solitude.

"However, the change in his behaviour wasn't obvious, and we never imagined it as a sign that he would leave us forever," he said when interviewed at the Forensic Department's premises at Putrajaya Hospital here on Wednesday.

Another friend of the deceased, Muhammad Azren Nordin, 30, revealed that the deceased placed great importance on friendship.

"I've known him for seven years. He was very close to us. Whenever he wanted to go anywhere, he would always invite us along.

"I must admit that I feel a profound loss, and I cannot put into words how I feel right now. I pray that the soul of the deceased will always be showered with blessings and that his family is given the strength to face all of this," he said.

In the incident that occurred around 10.14 am, two motorcyclists lost their lives, while seven others were injured when a trailer collided with 13 vehicles at Persiaran Utara here.

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The incident happened when all the vehicles involved had stopped to give way to the Le Tour de Langkawi (LTDL) convoy training session at the scene.