Mom gets six blackmail threats after reporting daughter’s disappearance

29 Sep 2023 07:01pm
Judy Tan's daughter Tan Yuen Hoon went missing on Sept 25 in Kepong. - Photo: FACEBOOK / JUDY TAN
Judy Tan's daughter Tan Yuen Hoon went missing on Sept 25 in Kepong. - Photo: FACEBOOK / JUDY TAN

SHAH ALAM - Single mother Judy Tan reveals that she has received a total of six blackmail messages after lodging a report over her missing daughter on Sept 25.

According to a report by Chinese-language newspaper Sin Chew, Judy said that her 17-year-old daughter Tan Yuen Hoon went missing since Monday and left a note which read 'I'm sorry Mom. I am leaving home and please don't look for me’.

It was reported that soon after the teenager’s disappearance, Judy lodged a police report and shared on her Facebook account that she was looking for her missing daughter to alert the public.

However, in 54 hours after she posted the notice, she received six blackmail messages from multiple women extorting money from her.

She said she received the first message only after 13 hours she posted about her daughter’s disappearance.

Subsequently, she received multiple messages believed to be from the same fraud group.

Those in the group claimed that Yuen Hoon was in their custody and said that their Myanmar national boss demanded RM50,000 for her release.

Judy said the group also warned her not to call the police or she will never see her daughter again.

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She then insisted for the alleged kidnappers to send photos or videos of her daughter being in their custody as proof but they had failed to do so.

On the day of Yuen Hoon’s disappearance, her teacher revealed that she had skipped school on Monday and was last seen carrying a backpack and two small bags at a bus stop near the Kepong Aeon Mall.

Out of curiosity, the teacher asked where she was heading to and she replied that she was on her way back home.

Based on the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the Lakeville Residence where she lived, the teenager was last seen at 3pm after leaving the apartment’s compound.

She was seen wearing a grey hoodie with white pants and sport shoes.

Judy who was heartbroken over Yuen Hoon’s disappearance, pleaded for the public to help her look for her daughter.

She said her daughter was 165cm tall with short hair.

Those who have seen Yuen Hoon or have any information on her whereabouts can contact Judy at 018-2189377 or go to the nearest police station.