Malaysia, brewing love affair with coffee, surging to third place in global consumption

01 Oct 2023 02:22pm
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SHAH ALAM - With Oct 1 marking the celebration of International Coffee Day, Malaysia has a great reason to celebrate it with much pride.

This is because it has been ranked third for experiencing the most significant surge in coffee consumption.

According to the International Coffee Organisation 2022–2022 report, Malaysia, along with Korea and Australia, led a substantial surge of 3.7 per cent in coffee consumption across the region, adding an extra 0.9 million bags and driving the total consumption to an impressive 5.9 million bags.

Meanwhile, within the Asia and Pacific region, Japan assumes the role of the foremost coffee market, illustrating the intricate relationship between coffee market development and population size.

While countries boasting large populations like China and India lag behind in coffee development, nations with smaller populations, including Korea, Australia, and Malaysia, tend to exhibit higher coffee development levels and boast higher per capita incomes.

Furthermore, noteworthy spikes in coffee consumption were discernible in China, Japan, Turkey, and Vietnam.

The cumulative coffee consumption surged to 15.4 million bags, a notable increase from the 14.7 million bags recorded in the preceding coffee year.

This coffee anniversary serves as a testament to Malaysia's growing love for this cherished beverage.

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