'Food supply is on a steady decline'

04 Nov 2023 04:31pm
Nurul Ain and her husband's latest picture posted on TikTok on Friday.
Nurul Ain and her husband's latest picture posted on TikTok on Friday.

SHAH ALAM - A Malaysian citizen residing in Gaza, Nurul Ain Haron, aged 37, has acknowledged the hardships and anxieties she's facing due to the dwindling food supplies.

Nurul Ain, along with her Palestinian husband, Mohamed Adan Shaat, 33, often take to the streets to distribute aid consisting of food, blankets, medicines, and toys for children, all contributed by various individuals.

She pointed out that the food supply is on a steady decline, and the stock is far from sufficient.

"Aid distribution is ongoing, but what's worrying for my husband and me is that the supplies are dwindling, and many items are out of stock," she shared in a TikTok post last Saturday.

Media reports have highlighted Nurul Ain’s escalating plight in the troubled region, which has been exacerbated by power outages and a scarcity of clean water.

Now in its 28th day, the situation remains tense due to the Israeli army's relentless assaults.

Born in Keramat, she shared that she consumes Taboon bread daily, a staple traditional to the people of Gaza.

Nurul Ain also added that despite the dire circumstances where locals are forced to sleep on the streets as bombings have demolished their homes, and some driven to the extreme of looting supermarkets out of starvation, the residents remain thankful.

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"Those taking refuge in schools are not spared from the Zionist regime's bombardments.

"Even hospital patients are victims, to the extent that no place in Gaza is safe anymore," she said.

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