The stunt actress and competitive athlete who beat cancer—twice

06 Nov 2023 07:00pm
Dr Aiesha Asmadi - FILE PIX
Dr Aiesha Asmadi - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - Embracing life to the fullest and channeling her energy constructively became Dr Aiesha Asmadi's guiding principle in her battle against breast cancer.

Dr Aiesha, who is also a Medical Fitness Consultant, credits travel, martial arts, and sports as pivotal choices in her journey to well-being.

A two-time breast cancer survivor, she chose to break free from constraints and explore a myriad of experiences that infused her life with positivity.

"I'm quite content with my life because I've made it a point to break out of conventional boxes.

"Facing cancer made me realise how quickly one can lose their sense of self.

"One day, I was a medical student; the next, I was bedridden, grappling with the reality of my mortality.

"That experience taught me the importance of living fully and not confining myself to any single identity.

"I'm not just a doctor; I'm also a competitive bodybuilding athlete, a stunt actress, and a martial artist," she told Sinar Daily.

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To keep her mindset positive, Dr Aiesha said that solo travel was a form of self-reward and personal growth during her younger years.

"Upon completing medical school, I treated myself to solo travel adventures.

"I found that traveling enriched me with essential skills crucial for excelling in both my professional and adult life," she added.

Recently, Dr Aiesha once again demonstrated her resilience by triumphing over breast cancer for the second time, making her a significantly stronger individual.

She clinched the silver medal at the NABBA Universe 2023 competition.

She didn't show her former cancer patient side, but instead, she showcased her extraordinary fighting spirit to continue making a name for herself on the international stage.

Her success in securing the silver medal signifies a remarkable improvement in her performance quality after winning the bronze in the same championship last season.

This serves as evidence of her mental and physical transformation reaching its peak.

"In reality, my career as a doctor and bodybuilder go hand in hand. I also serve as a fitness medical advisor, providing assistance to athletes to enhance their performance levels.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be a national bodybuilding athlete; it's something I enjoy and a way to serve my country," she told Nadi Arena.