Cancer to Championships: How Dr Aiesha rewrote her cancer narrative

06 Nov 2023 08:00pm
Medical Fitness Consultant and body Dr Aiesha Asmadi
Medical Fitness Consultant and body Dr Aiesha Asmadi

SHAH ALAM – Dr Aiesha Asmadi's life story is a stirring example of human resilience, capturing the power of will against life's adversities.

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the young age of 21, Dr Aiesha could have easily been overwhelmed.

Yet she drew upon her inner tenacity to fight back against the illness.

"I first battled breast cancer at 21, and then faced a recurrence at 26.

"This period has been incredibly challenging.

"The myth that cancer doesn't affect young people is just that—a myth," Dr Aiesha, who also works as a Medical Fitness Consultant, told Sinar Daily.

For Dr Aiesha, losing a part of herself was the most harrowing aspect of her cancer journey.

"The hardest part was the loss of my identity and part of my body to breast cancer.

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"I'm living proof that cancer doesn't discriminate.

"That's why I urge women to regularly check themselves and be body-aware," she said.

Determined to regain her sense of self, Dr Aiesha turned to bodybuilding as a form of 'healing therapy'.

Her dedication led her to win multiple championships and find solace in the sport.

"When I was diagnosed, I felt emotionally drained, especially after undergoing multiple surgeries.

"Getting into bodybuilding wasn't was serendipitous.

"My personal trainer helped me recover through strength and resistance training.

"The sport not only restored my physical health but also rejuvenated my spirit," she added.

Inspired by the Japanese concept of 'Kintsugi,' which finds beauty in imperfection, she sees her scars as chapters in her life story.

"Every scar tells a story...a tale of struggle, resilience, and triumph.

"Bodybuilding has given me the power and confidence to embrace those flaws as beautiful.

"My body is a work of art, scars and all. This is the legacy I want to leave for my friends who are also battling cancer and other diseases," she said.