S.I Home Shelter: A decade of compassion for stray cats

20 Nov 2023 08:15pm
Zainuddin Haji Awang.
Zainuddin Haji Awang.

NESTLED in Sri Muda, Shah Alam, S.I Home Shelter has been a sanctuary for stray cats for the past decade, embodying the true essence of compassion and dedication.

With unwavering commitment, the shelter has transformed an ordinary house into a haven for cats in distress.

Guided by the noble motto of "spreading love and care, not only to humans but also to animals," the shelter has established itself as a lifeline for cats facing various challenges, including abandonment and health issues.

Zainuddin Haji Awang, the 37-year-old caretaker of the shelter, explained that providing refuge for cats with special needs is a cornerstone of their mission.

"When the shelter's resources are insufficient to provide the necessary treatment, we ensure the cats receive proper medical attention by sending them to veterinary clinics," Zainuddin stressed.

Running a shelter of this magnitude is no easy feat.

The daily food expenses alone amount to around RM 7,000 to RM 8,000, with more than 10kg of specialised cat food consumed daily.

This unique food caters to the specific dietary requirements of the shelter's feline residents.

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In a testament to their resourcefulness, the shelter staff has adopted a DIY approach to manage costs.

They have mastered the art of preparing cat food in-house and crafting medical drips for specific treatments.

This self-sufficiency has significantly reduced the need for costly veterinary visits.

S.I Home Shelter's adoption programme stands out for its accessibility and transparency.

Instead of imposing hefty adoption fees, the shelter opts for a nominal monthly fee, providing comprehensive information and support to prospective adopters.

This approach has facilitated successful adoptions, averaging 2-3 per month.

The shelter's unwavering commitment to providing healthy cats for adoption has garnered the support of numerous kind-hearted individuals and organisations, ensuring the continuation of their noble endeavors.

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