The TRX Mall's interactive water sensory feature temporarily closed

05 Dec 2023 05:11pm
Image for illustrative purposes only. - FILE PIX
Image for illustrative purposes only. - FILE PIX

SHAH ALAM - The Exchange TRX Mall, which recently opened to the public on Nov 29 2023, experienced the closure of its water interactive sensory area within a week of its launch due to damages.

A viral post on the X application by @SkyscrapersMY showcased images of the damaged area, depicting barriers set up to prevent people from using it.

Mall goers were criticised on X for their irresponsible behaviour, damaging the area shortly after the mall's opening.

It is still unclear what sort damages happened at the waterpark.

X user @AlifNasir_ expressed his disappointment on the water-parl closure and commented, "First-class facilities but third-class mentality."

Another X user, @skyflyingace, predicted further issues for the area after the recent incident, mentioning, "When I was there the other day, I told myself that soon it will eventually become spoiled."

In response to the situation, TRX Mall emphasised that the water play at the fountain is intentionally designed as part of their sensory experience. Despite this, the significant damage prompted the closure of the water play area for children.

TRX Mall management considers the designated area for kids an integral part of their sensory water play zone, specifically tailored for such activities.

They also clarified that the water play at the fountain is intentional and allowed, emphasising its role in the sensory experience.

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Earlier, a local daily reported of a video depicting visitors at the mall, showcasing families treating the water attractions as if it were a waterpark.

Despite being designed for children's sensory stimulation activities, the area was misused by visitors, leading to its closure for repairs.

As repairs are in progress, there is hopeful anticipation that visitors, especially parents, will adhere more closely to the rules, ensuring the sustained vibrancy of this social space in Malaysia.

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