“I miss you, Zayn” – Tok Ayah

12 Dec 2023 02:32pm
Zahari shared a post about his beloved grandson Zayn Rayyan on Facebook today
Zahari shared a post about his beloved grandson Zayn Rayyan on Facebook today

PETALING JAYA – “My love, you are so special, everyone likes you.”

That was the post shared by the grandfather of murdered Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin who said that he missed his eldest grandson.

Zahari Mohd Reba shared moments with Zayn Rayyan, who had been his pride and joy.

Zahari said Zayn would go to his house every weekend.

"Every weekend when he comes into my house, he will look for Tok Ayah (Zahari) and kiss me.

“I cannot bear to look at your face, everytime I look at your face, my tears will flow,” he said in the Facebook post shared today.

Zahari also said that he had accepted God’s plan but proceeded to say that the whole family loves Zayn Rayyan and they missed him.

Meanwhile, efforts to locate the perpetrator behind the murder of Zayn Rayyan at Idaman Apartment, Damansara Damai, were still underway.

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Irrigation and Drainage Department today assisted the police to draw water from the stream where Zayn Rayyan’s body was found in an effort to find evidences in the case.

Prior, the police’s forensic team arrived at 11.45am at the scene.

On Wednesday, the six-year-old victim was found dead near the stream about 200 metres from the apartment at about 10pm, a day after he was reported missing.

Police have classified the case as murder due to strangulation marks found on his neck and bruises on his body.

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