Sugar in the tank, bitterness in the heart: When dream cars turn into legal battles

06 Jan 2024 01:30pm
Pix for illustration purpose only. - Photo by 123RF
Pix for illustration purpose only. - Photo by 123RF

A news recently went viral.

A woman buys a brand new car and mere hours later, it spluttered out on the road.

Sugar in the engine was the culprit. Outrage and disbelief spread like wildfire.

Merak Jalanan understood the buyer's pain.

Instead of smooth streets and joyful rides, she was stuck with a stalled dream and monthly installments burning a hole in her pocket.

Imagine the frustration, the financial strain, the dashed hopes.

Merak Jalanan hopes that both parties can find the best solution.

It has been more than two months of waiting.

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The reputation of the car company also needed to be maintained. It is not easy if customers lose trust and confidence.

In cases like this, Merak Jalanan supports the need for Malaysia to establish specific laws known as the Lemon Law to protect buyers from being deceived or forced to bear losses due to any newly purchased products, including cars that experienced damage.

At least with the law and act in place, the fate of the buyer is defended and protected. They can get justice.

Those who should be responsible cannot just wash their hands of it.