Fisherman preserves traditional way of protecting house from strong winds

01 Jan 2022 02:34am
MARANG - A fisherman in Kampung Jambu Bongkok here is still doing the traditional way to protect his house from strong winds which is by using coconut palm fronds as barriers.

Salleh Daud, 61 said the method had long been used in the olden days during the monsoon season because most of the house structures then, were built from wood.

"Nowadays, houses are built with concrete structures so they are no longer affected by strong winds. However, I still maintain this traditional method because it is very cheap yet effective as well as environmentally friendly.

"Usually, I will start collecting the coconut fronds at the nearby beach as early as October... tie them together firmly and make them as a fence in front of the house that is exposed to the sea breeze,” he said when met here.

As soon as the monsoon season is over the fronds are discarded as they must be changed each year to ensure they are able to function well.

"I would also install the palm front barriers for my mother-in-law, Diah Deraman who lives nearby, " the father of eight said.

There are several other old fashion way of doing things which are still being practiced to this day because they have been proven to be very effective, the only setback is more effort is needed just like these wind barriers, we need to go out to gather the fronts and use some carpentry skills, he said.

Salleh added that while gathering the coconut fronts and putting them to good use, he is actually helping to keep the beach clean. - BERNAMA

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