Hold fresh party elections after GE15, disgruntled PKR members tell leaders

24 Jun 2022 10:42am

SHAH ALAM - PKR grassroots have called on party leaders to hold fresh elections due to the lack of transparency in the voting process and incomplete forensic audit despite PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stating that an independent audit is being carried out after unofficial election results were announced last month.

PKR Gombak branch member Iswadi Mustafa said fresh elections could be carried out after the 15th General Elections.

He claimed there could be elements of manipulation and fraud and urged the party to uphold truth, transparency and justice. “There were doubts and suspicions about the election process long before the party election was held," he said in a statement.

He said there are some 2,000 complaints from the party's election commission but claimed that there is lack of response from the party’s election committee over the matter.

“Are the party’s election committee being manipulated by certain parties? Online voting was said to be untouched by the audit while the vast majority of voters did online voting.

“This raises more doubts about the sincerity and honesty of the party’s election committee in being transparent as if there are certain parties that are manipulating the party's election results and are now manipulating the members of the party’s election committee.

“Who is the administrator or administrator for online voting. Why weren’t they called to open the ballot box and reveal the actual number?,” he added.

Gombak branch women deputy chief candidate Azini Othman is of the same view as Iswadi, where the best solution for the party is for the recent party election’s results to be cancelled.

“We expect PKR to be an alternative party for Malaysians, but if the leadership is not even able to counterback these internal issues within the party, then this could be a problem.

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‘I am sure the majority of members are very dissatisfied with the recent election results and the best solution is to hold it again after GE15,” she said when contacted by Sinar Daily.

Azini also suggested to do away with online voting as physical presence boost transparency.

Meanwhile, Hulu Selangor Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) chief candidate Mohammad Haziq Izwan said grassroots members want justice and fairness as they could be manipulations.

He said the forensic audit remains incomplete and the call for transparency should not be ignored.

Another candidate from Gombak branch, Wee Fwen Szuh said none of the candidates have seen the results and the fact that it took one week for the results to be announced has raised questions.

“In 2018, the winners were announced right away after the election in the evening,” he said.

Setiawangsa branch women chief candidate Hamsina Hamzah suggested for ADIL, the voting app should not be run by party members to ensure neutrality.

On May 30, the party said the official results of the PKR 2022 Elections will be announced on June 25 and 26 during the PKR's 2022 National Congress.

PKR President Datuk Anwar Ibrahim had reassured party members that an independent audit following their complaints of the voting process will be conducted and urged them to be patient.

He said that an independent audit company has been engaged to look into the issue as well after the election committee, adding that it should not take long as the party has to prepare for the next general election due next year but which is speculated will be called early.