Yong Peng residents begin cleaning up homes after two weeks of floods

14 Mar 2023 06:34pm
Residents in Yong Peng clearing up their homes after floods - Bernama pic
Residents in Yong Peng clearing up their homes after floods - Bernama pic
BATU PAHAT - After almost two weeks of flooding, residents around Yong Peng here began to clean up their homes as floodwaters began receding since Sunday.

Checks by Bernama revealed residents placing damaged items outside their homes before washing the interior of their houses.

Husin Safar, 55, said that the house that he and his wife and three children lived in in Parit Awang here for eight years had been flooded by 0.3-metre deep waters after continuous heavy rain on March 1.

"Many items have rotted, especially chairs and cupboards after being soaked for so long in water,” he told Bernama.

Husin, who works as a member of the traffic police, said he would only do a moderate clean up as he feared that floods would hit again, as it did in 2006.

"In 2006, floods hit twice in swift succession, so I am taking the approach of cleaning and clearing things that have spoilt,” he said.

Fellow Parit Awang resident, Umairah Mohd Shaidi, 29, said her house had been flooded in one-metre deep waters.

She said even though water was still in the house, she and her family would do their best to clean it and clear out rotted items.

Meanwhile, Yong Peng police station chief Insp Muhammad Azrul Aminur Rashid Zakaria said two officers and 28 personnel from the station and the Johor contingent police headquarters are assisting cleanup efforts in the area.
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He said that the majority of Yong Peng was flooded with around three metre deep water and filled houses with mud and destroyed electrical appliances and furniture.

"We began assisting clean up efforts since yesterday and are using generators to ease operations,” he added. -Bernama

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